Rathis is the world in which Rise the Ancient Storm is set. Climate and physical rules are analogous to common D&D worlds.

Geography of Rathis
Rathis has three major continents; Avre, Mannin, and Doth. Avre is the northernmost continent, and is connected to Mannin by a narrow isthmus. To the east of both, across the Reveni Ocean and south of the Indranani Sea is the smaller continent of Doth. East of Doth and west of Mannin and Avre is the Rascion Ocean.

Races in Rathis
Rathis is a human-dominated world. Other core D&D races are present, but most live in small settlements distant from the human cities, or hail from the Ether Veil (Faewild). A hardy collection of elves, half-elves, tieflings, and humans co-exist in the far north of Avre, making up the wild tribes there. Dragonborn are highly uncommon and viewed with wary suspicion.

History of Rathis
Soon to come

Gods of Rathis
Jalila: (Good) The Mother. Goddess of Compassion, the Harvest, the Hearth, and Motherhood. The Temple of the Mother is powerful and widespread, and small shrines to Jalila can be found in almost every village, and most homes.
Haroun: (Lawful Good) Father Sun. God of the Sun, Civilization, Patriarchy, Justice, and Personal Honor. The Temple of Father Sun is wealthy and militant, home to warrior-priests and knights. Most (fair) judges are bound to the Temple of Haroun.
Arevar: (Unaligned) The Golden Flute, one of the Twins. God of Fey Creatures (favoring elves and eladrin), Music, Art, and Beauty. Also known as a god of fraternity.
Ha’asar: (Unaligned) The Walker, one of the Twins. God of Roads, Freedom, Adventure, and Alcohol. Also known as a god of fraternity.
Nayeli: (Unaligned) She who brings the Rain. Goddess of Weather, the Seasons, Young Girls, and Lovers.
Siali: (Unaligned) The Black Cat. God of Thieves, the Night, Tricksters, Assassins, and Secrets. Also the god of Luck, Wealth and Currency.
Tialys: (Unaligned) The Seeress. Goddess of Magic, Ritual, Prophecy, and the Uncertain Future.
Nashcha: (Unaligned) The Owl. Goddess of the Moon, Wisdom, Knowledge, the Dark Feminine, and the Hunt.
Silouanos: (Unaligned) Old Man of the Forest. God of Nature, the Wilds, Animals, and Plants.
Merikeh: (Good) The Shroud, The Peacebringer. Goddess of Death.
Kornynbrar: (Evil) The Bone Man. God of Undeath, Necromancy, Black Magic.
Vonmalan: (Evil) The Cold God. God of War, Hate, Spite, Tyranny, Torture, and Destruction.


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